Bangkok airport massage
Arriving or departing Thailand, you can get a massage

There is one thing that tourists can expect to find everywhere in Thailand and that is massage service. Here are just a few lines about Bangkok airport massage services and costs.

The main international airport in Bangkok is Suvarnabhumi. Among many other services found at this location of course tourists can eat yummy Thai food and have a massage.

Here are the services at the Welcome Massage shop located right outside the International Arrivals on the route to City Express or City Link train:

Massage Prices:

Thai Massage 1 hour – 400 Thai Baht

Head and Neck Massage 1 hour – 400 Baht

Foot Massage 1 hour – 400 Baht

Oil Massage 1 hour – 600 Baht

Remedy Massage 1 hour – 600

Currency exchange on August 1st 2014 is 30 baht for 1 USD.


And since we are at the costs chapter we wanted to list some of the food prices at the local Airport 7 Eleven. The prices are about 10 to 15 percent higher (only at some prdoucts) than at the other locations in Bangkok.

1 bottle of water – 7 baht and up

2 boiled eggs – 16 baht

1 fish burger – 45 baht

1 bottle of cold tea – 20 baht and up

1 bottle of soy drink – 16 baht

Tom Yum soup costs 60 baht at a small restaurant next to the exit.

Taking the City Link train from Suvarnabhumi airport to the Bangkok city at Phaya Thai costs 45 baht and if you are heading to Sukhmvit is going to cost you another 35 baht via BTS Skytrain.