Bali likes and dislikes

Bali is the Island of Gods the locals say. I say that Bali is the Island of Fun or so it has transformed into for the past 2 or so decades. But like all places, it certainly has its fortes but also its weak points.

What I like about Bali

I like the weather, the warmth combined with a little humidity makes your skin feel good. Especially when you arrive here from a dry and cold winter. Yes, it can get a little hot at times but nothing too extreme.
I like the diversity on this island – there are people from everywhere, you can find a variety of restaurants including the local type, Indonesian, Asian but also European and world cuisine.
I love the unique architecture and culture. It is a singular mix of Hinduism, Buddhism, Malay but also Polynesian. The latest made me find rare resemblances with the Hawaiian traditions.
The nature is also beautiful – there are beautiful beaches, rock formations, volcanoes, mountain lakes, and forests. Diving is also good though not amazing like in the nearby smaller islands.
The nightlife is very good. There are enough clubs, bars and discos to make your nights white for a long time. The clubs are perhaps not as large as in Jakarta (though Sky Garden begs to differ) but the awesome thing is that they are filled most nights of the week.

What I don’t like about Bali

I don’t enjoy the hectic traffic. And the pollution created by it. Like everywhere else in Indonesia the Balinese traffic is part of the things ruining your experience. Be aware that in late afternoons and evenings all the major roads and streets are clogged with cars. Most cars are taxis and some local commuters. Being an island it is understandable. The island becomes richer with the number of tourists increasing. At the same time, the environment suffers.
As an effect of the above, it takes too long to get anywhere and visit cultural sites.

Massage in Bali

Did you know that Bali has its own distinct type of massage? Balinese Massage that is. There are many places to try it out, the best being some the expensive resorts. However, you don’t have to stay there to book a massage. Just call them up and reserve your spot. Otherwise, you could search online. The Massage Open app lets you contact Balinese Massage therapists in Bali and other places in Indonesia. There are options to use it on the web also.

Massage Therapists in Bali

See below some of the massage therapists that work in Bali (Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua) and surrounding locations.

Other cities in Indonesia

For more massage therapists in Indonesia and other Asian cities download our Android Massage Application. Or visit Massage Open on the web HERE.