Bali Erotic Massage

Indonesia is a tourist hotspot, and Bali is their tourism capital. Aside from the beautiful beaches, volcanoes and the nightlife, Bali Beach is also home to some of the nicest girls in the world. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many tourists flock to the small island off the coast of Indonesia. The best way to enjoy these women would be through massage shops that provide happy endings. Of course, you can always choose to pick women from an escort site, but often the women advertised on such sites look nowhere near as gorgeous as their heavily edited pictures.

The list is a small selection of massage places that will give you relaxing massages as well as take care of your other, more primal needs. It will be broken into two categories, in-call and out-call.

Massage Shops Advantage

Massage shops give you the advantage of providing services to their location but not only that. Some shops do provide massage at your hotel or residence.

In-Call Massage Bali

These are the most popular Bali massage shops that offer service at their location

Bali Erotic Massage @ Riverview Spa

This is arguably the most popular spa in Bali. This well managed spa looks like a charming villa from the outside. It looks just as luxurious and gorgeous on the inside. The rooms are highly luxurious with all of them having big comfortable beds, a TV and a Jacuzzi.

The spa does not have the best variety in women, the number of options being 10, give or take a few depending on which day you go there. However, they do seem to have some of the hottest Indonesian women I’ve ever seen on their payroll, so there is a very good chance you’ll find what you fancy among these women.

They have two different packages to offer. One is the Luxury Injection, which grants you one girl for 90 minutes and one shot for the price of 1.2 million Indonesian Rupiah, roughly 86 USD. Their VIP Injection package grants you access to 2 girls therapists for 2 hours at the price of 2.5 million Indonesian Rupiah, or roughly 179 USD.

The spa, as the name suggests, is placed near a river in Legian. The manageable prices and thir stunning selection of hotties make this a go-to destination for all tourists looking for a full body relaxation.

Royal Palace Spa & Entertainment

Catering more towards the local populace and tourists than overseas ones, the Royal Palace Spa & Entertainment nevertheless offer services that neither of those groups should miss out on. It lacks the shine and polish of some of the more tourist-friendly attractions on this list, but it does its basics right. It has a large roster of women massage therapists on any given day, most of whom look very attractive. Their large roster basically guarantees you find the exact type of woman you wish for.

The environment will not have this place rank very highly, as there is smoke everywhere and the atmosphere doesn’t feel like it should for a spa. It’s not a very relaxing place, and if you were looking for that then this place is not for you. For everyone else, however, this is a wonderful spot to get some extra services on top of massages. For one, I’ve already mentioned the numerous amounts of pretty ladies. The beds are reasonably comfortable and the rooms are sufficient. Their ladies are also decent at massages, but in sexual prowess they outshine most others in their profession. You could spend 1 hour with one of the girls here for 1 million Indonesian Rupiah, which is about 70 USD. I don’t believe you can find such prices for such quality women anywhere in the world.

The spa is located at Jl. Pertokoan Luhur Artha Kencana, Kota Denpasar. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to navigate there, despite the lack of a google map description, as most taxi drivers will recognize it as soon as you tell them the name of the spa.

Delta Spa Bali

Delta Spa would probably be the most tourist friendly spa on the entire list – hence your Bali Erotic Massage go to . They have establishments throughout Indonesia, and offer the most complete spa experience in this list. That means, they also offer an actual spa session and a pool. Both of these services are given complimentary if you pick one of their packages.

Depending on which room you choose for yourself, you may be able to book a 2 hour 15 minutes long massage session for upwards 1 million 1 hundred thousand Indonesian Rupiah, or roughly 79 USD.

Note that the spa doesn’t offer any penetrative sex for the customer, but all of their packages come with a happy ending, which any massage enthusiast knows to be a term used for hand-jobs.

They have a decent selection of girls, and most are quite good looking. It’s located in Legian.

Maharani Spa

The Maharani Spa is decorated in a very Asian fashion. The rooms are spacious and equipped with comfortable beds. However, the main attraction of this establishment is without a doubt the large roster of Indonesian massage therapists available in the spa, all of whom are easy on the eyes.

As the name suggests, the entire spa is built like a mansion that is fit for a king, or in this case, many queens. The spa offers legit services as well as a happy ending, along with full on erotic massage.

As you walk inside and onto the reception desk, you will be given 4 packages to choose from. These packages are Standard room, Snake room, Honey Moon and Kamasutra. Their price points are also very varied. The cheapest option, the standard room, costs 350k Indonesian Rupiah, or roughly 25 USD. The most expensive option is the Kamasutra, at 1.7 million Indonesian Rupiah, or a little over 121 USD. The name should be a dead giveaway as to why it’s so expensive. However, even the regular massages come with a free happy ending.

There are always 10 women massage therapists sitting in a large enclosure right by the reception. They no doubt have a larger roster than that but different girls work different days, the ladies are all decent looking, though you probably won’t find any uber hotties in this crowd, unless you get lucky.

The Maharani Spa is located on Jl. Merta Nadi, in northern Kuta.

Refrezz Spa

The Refrezz Spa is not located at a place that’s very easy to find, and thus does not usually cater to tourists. Very few foreigners know the place exists, so the best chance you have of reaching the spa is by having your own motorbike and checking the map frequently.

The spa is not the nicest looking place in the world. In fact, it looks quite average compared to everything else on the list. At first glance, the red walls might even make you think that it’s some kind of bar or something.

As you walk into the spa, the Spa’s manager will offer you the packages available at the spa. There are four packages, and are quite cheap, but do not include sex. Sex can be negotiated with the girl of your choice later on during the massage. The packages do give you the right to a free handjob, however.

The prices of the packages vary from 55K to 800K Indonesian Rupiah, which is around USD 40 to USD 58. The prices are divided into packages by length of massage, type of massage and condition of room.

The girls at the spa are all quite cute. Once you make your decision of packages, the girls will be paraded in front of you by the manager. There is not much variety in the ladies, however, as all of them are quite thin, certainly nice to look at, but some prefer curvier women. Having said that, if you like your women youthful and young-looking, these cute ladies are a good choice for you.

Out-call Massage Bali

Many people are not comfortable at beds that don’t belong to them, and understandably so. You may not want to go somewhere else for a massage and sex and that’s fine. Many others do not want that, either. The following list is for you guys. Even though they share the same problem with escort websites as in they both have you rely on pictures to get a sense of how hot the girls actually are, here are some of the out-call massage services that has the best service in Bali.

Ignite Spa Bali

Ignite is probably the nicest of the outcall massage services in Bali. It certainly tries to sell itself as a premium brand, judging by their website. They offer traditional massage, Yoni and Lingam massage (a highly sexual massage that ends with the client, male or female, being relieved), and Ignite massage, which is basically massage and erotic massage package. All of these packages last for 90 minutes. Prices will obviously differ from package to package. Go to their website to get a quote on how much each package costs.

Bali Outcall Sensual Massage

Bali Outcall Sensual Massage is not an agency of masseuses, but simply one single woman operating. As such, she provides wonderful massage and some extra services. Traditional massage from her costs 450K Indonesian Rupiah, or 35 USD. A full body massage costs 650K, which is $50. A body to body massage costs 850K Indonesian Rupiah, which is $65 USD. She even offers couples massages. At $100 dollars, or 1.3 million, she could massage you and your partner. You can contact Kiky, the proprietor, at this website: She would be happy to answer any questions you have about her techniques.

About Erotic Massage in Bali

The list above should give you a good idea about the adult massage industry in Bali. Even with raids and the government trying to stop it, erotic massages are still good business in Bali, and one of its main attractions. Along with Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and a few other Indonesian cities, Bali is one of the top places to get a premium massage – erotic or not. Visit Bali today and experience a heavenly massage treatment by one of their beautiful therapists. So go now, and thank yourself after a soul and body cleansing trip of a lifetime.