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What you didn’t know about massage

What you didn’t know about massage

Did you know that massage is one of the earliest forms of healthcare? It makes sense, rather, since our bodies are the first tool. Massage is as old as the humanity.

What about the following interesting and possibly strange massage features? Some seem strange however true:
  • Most of the massage therapists (masseurs) in South Korea are blind or nearly blind. By law.
  • Because of the touch ability to reduce heart rate in can help to lower the blood pressure.
  • The skin has millions of touch receptors and massaging the skin helps fight stress and anxiety.
  • Massage helps with depression and insomnia by releasing endorphins. Ever fell asleep on a massage table?
  • When sleep deprived a good massage helps restoring energy. It is equivalent to a few hours of sleep.
  • The world record of a group massage is held by therapists in Indonesia which massaged 1000 people in one session.
  • Massage is able to reduce pain and also improve your body posture.
  • It can improve blood circulation throughout the body which in turn will make the recipient feel better.
  • Massage will also improve lymph flow in the body.
  • Lomi Lomi massage is a Hawaiian massage which in earlier times was accompanied by prayers, songs, and dance.
Also, people don’t sneeze while they’re asleep. Well, that’s for a different article :)
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Outcall Massage Delhi

Outcall Massage Delhi

It is true that there many massage options in Delhi, India. However, you need trusted hands. If you know what I mean. You need a professional massage therapist that will respond to your calls, make a booking for you and provide great service. That’s what I mean.

Meet Pate! He offers outcall massage at your residence or hotel. Contact Pate and chat with him directly on Massage App HERE. Or otherwise, see his massage services and rates below.

Delhi Massage Menu

Aromatherapy Massage – Rs.1799 ($26 USD) (1 hour)
Swedish Massage – Rs2499 ($37 USD) (90 min)
Deep Tissue – Rs. 2499 ($37 USD) (90 min)
Thai Yoga Massage (no oil) – Rs. 2799 ($41 USD) (90 min)

Mobile Spa Options

Body Scrub- Rs. 1499 ($22 USD) (60 min)

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Book Massage Yangon

Book Massage Yangon

Still roaming around Myanmar? Mind you, there are some very nice massage and spa places in Yangon. Here is the Massage Menu at the Taw Win Garden Hotel Spa.





1 Hour Massage Rates

Back & Shoulder Massage – $20 USD

Foot Massage – $20 USD

Head & Shoulder Massage – $20 USD

Myanmar Traditional Massage – $25 USD

Foot (Polish & Massage) – $25 USD

Aromatherapy Oil Massage – $35 USD

Body Scrub – $35 USD


Other services:

Use of Jacuzzi – $30 USD

Use of Sauna – $30 USD


90 Minutes Massage Rates

Sauna + Traditional Myanmar Massage – $40 USD

Sauna + Oil Massage – $50 USD


2 Hours Massage Rates

Body Scrub + Traditional Myanmar Massage – $60 USD

Body Scrub + Oil Massage – $70 USD


For those not into massage but more into partying and nightlife, the answer is Yes! There are clubs and bars in Yangon and friendly people to drink with you. Not to worry.

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