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Book Indonesia Massage

Book Indonesia Massage

Indonesia, a country that has everything. It has beautiful nature, interesting tourist attractions, fun nightlife, good restaurants and of course, good massage. Nowadays it is very easy to find and book Indonesia massage directly from your phone or laptop. Just look at the options below and signup to register in seconds – free of charge.

Whether in the capital city of Jakarta or other cities and towns, you’ll definitely find a consistent offer.

Book Massage in Jakarta

Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia and one of the largest in Asia. This is a perfect place to have a perfect short holiday, especially if you’re into bars, dancing, nightlife, food and…massage. For a quick list of massage therapists in Jakarta don’t go farther than below.

Andre Massage Full Body in Jakarta
Amanda Ameliya Massage Therapist in Jakarta
Jakarta Massage Therapist Kim Sup
Jakarta Massage by Nathanael
Antasari Jakarta Selatan Massage
Jakarta Therapist Imam Hanafi
Book Massage in Jakarta – Therapist Qnoy
Massage Therapist Eriantie in Jakarta, Indonesia
Agung Massage in Jakarta Selatan

Other cities in Indonesia

There is no shortage of masseurs and masseuse outside the capital. Some of the cities with most massage offers (and requests) are Bali, Bandung, Tangerang, Surabaya and Bogor.

Book Massage in Tangerang Selatan
Massage Therapist Ardi in Bandung
Massage Therapist in Batukaras, Pangandaran
Massage in Sawangan
Massage by Erik Gunawan in Bandung
Pekanbaru Massage Booking by Pak Masnal
Massage in Ciputat
Massage Booking in Cirebon, Kota
Book Massage in Medan, Sumatra
Kuta, Bali – Balinese Massage
Padang Massage, Book Online

Types of Services Provided

Balinese Massage
Indonesian Massage
Swedish Massage
Full Body Massage
Thai Massage

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Philippines Massage Online

Philippines Massage Online

Do you travel to the Philippines? Know that Boracay island will be open soon, as of now the reopening date is October 26th. Why is Boracay famous? Due to the beautiful sandy beaches, shallow clear waters (though Philippines president disagrees), water sports, restaurants and nightlife and of course, good massage :). You can find more details about Boracay Massage HERE but this article is about Philippines Massage Online as a whole.

Manila Massage Online

Manila is the capital and the largest city in the Philippines. See below the latest massage therapist offers and ad listings in Metro Manila and cities nearby.

Manila Massage by Lhynn
Massage in Taguig Metro Manila
Cupid Wellness Massage in Manila
Las Pinas City Massage Therapist
Male Massage in Paranaque by Macoy
Taguig Massage Therapist Hands of Heaven
Massage Tomas Morato Quezon City
Massage in Taguig City by Masseur Jake
Metro Manila Masseur

Book Massage in Philippines

Otherwise book some of the services outside the capital, in other cities such as Cebu, Baguio and many more.

Baguio Massage Online
Cebu Massage by Mish Rego
Massage in Bacoor Cavite by White Forest Spa Bacoor
Massage in Baguio – Palits Therapist
Massage in Valenzuela City – By Mayumie
Quezon City Massage Therapist Gina Miranda

Types of Services Provided

Balinese Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Swedish Massage
Full Body Massage
Thai Massage

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Massage Bangalore India

Massage Bangalore India

What do I remember about Bangalore? Except for the massage you’d say. Well, it’s a lively place with many people looking to sell and buy massage. There are businesses (IT and other industries) and employees and students so the market is quite big.

As far as touristic options I remember visiting a nice park and I also liked the train station architecture. I could see much more bars and liquor shops down in Bangalore comparing to other cities in North India.

About Massage in Bangalore, India

It is very easy to book massage. You can call +919980567308 or order directly via Whatsapp, click on the link below to order on Whatsapp.

Click to order on Whatsapp

Other Bangalore Massage Therapists

Book Pune Massage by Akshay

New Massage Therapists in India

Of course, apart from Bangalore, there are plenty of other beautiful destinations in India. To visit, enjoy, work and get a massage. Here are some of the latest massage ads from Indian locations such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

Hyderabad Massage Therapist
Ranjit Massage Therapist in Chennai
Chennai Massage Therapy for Women
International Massage Therapist Subhasis in Kolkata
Deep tissue, aroma therapy, swedish, Thai Massage and Scalp Massage in Mumbai
Gujarat India Massage Therapist
Massage in Pune Maharastra by Suraj
Massage in Ludhiana by Simer
Kerala Ayurvedic Massage by Alex in Delhi
Massage Therapist in Kochi, Kerala by Raku
Massage by Chandu in Hyderabad
Massage in Mumbai by Padmalochan Bhoi

A faster way to order is to install the free ANDROID MASSAGE APP. You could also chat directly with other therapists in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and other locations in India.

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Massage App Bookings

Massage App Bookings

Need a faster way to find massage therapists and book their services? Your requests have been answered – now there is such an app. And it helps customers connect with massage providers. Read on about the details and how to use it.

How to find massage therapists online

There are two ways to use this app and find massage shops or massage clients.

  1. You can install the Massage App from Google Play – Click here to install.
  2. You can use the app on the web (without installing the app) at

Please note that the web version does not have access to features such photo upload or push notifications. But the main functions such as registration, search, contact, chat and basic profile editing are of course available.

It is easy finding massage therapists – just open the app and search for the city you’re in. The results will show which therapists are registered and also details such as prices and types of massage offered.

How to book on Massage App

Next step is to contact the masseurs/masseuses close to your location. Some users have their phone number posted. Otherwise, register your free account in seconds and Book Massage or launch a private chat. To ask specific questions the best way to contact via the Chat option. To book directly use the Book Massage button and an email/push notification will be sent to the provider.

Adding own massage requests

If none of the providers are meeting your needs don’t panic. You can add your own requests and receive messages from new therapists. Just add the desired location and this will be shown to therapists. This is obviously not a quick way to make contact but in time may be useful.

Location of massage therapists

The main question that arises: “Where are the massage therapists from?” And the answer is that users register from most countries in Asia and recently Europe and the USA. Of course, Asia is the primary market since massage services are more sought after there. As the ratio of registered users would put Philippines and India as the countries with the highest number of massage providers registered. They are closely followed by Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Book Massage India

Book Massage India

Would you like to book massage in India? Whether is Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or other cities in India, there is a massage therapist ready to knead. All you need to do is to make the call, or in this case, install our app, choose your masseur and send him/her a message. Now you can actually send a booking request with date/time and desired location.

Santhosh provides outcall massage in Chennai. Click here to contact Santhosh and Book Massage in Chennai. See below for the types of services offered. Please note that these may differ from therapist to therapist and place to place – hence make sure you’re asking the service details and prices.

Book Chennai Massage by Santhosh

Indian massage in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore

Here are the latest therapists registered on our massage app. Make sure to contact them as it is free of charge!
Book Gurgaon Massage by Sunny

Book Pune Massage by Akshay

Book Gurgaon Massage by Pradeeprana

Book Lucknow Massage by Sonu

Book Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Massage by Ashok Kumar

Book Kolkata Massage by Arijit

Book Pune (Puna) Massage by Gajanan

Types of Services Provided

Indian Massage
Swedish Massage
Full Body Massage
Thai Massage

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India Massage Online

India Massage Online

India is a huge country and with a large population. However, for some reason, is not that easy to find trusted massage therapists. We are listing the latest therapists registered on our Massage App and website. You can contact and book India massage online in just a few seconds. Install the Android Massage App here or take a look at the latest listings on the Massage Open website.

Massage Therapists in India

Book Bangalore Massage by Sunil
Book Delhi Massage by Kumar Aman
Book Bangalore Massage by Bangalore Boy
Book Delhi Massage by Rahul Dev
Book Malegaon Massage by Ganesh
Book Bangalore Massage by Adish
Book Delhi Massage by Aman99
Book Delhi Massage by Rishab
Book Patna Massage by Rabindar Raj

How much massage costs in India

1 hour costs from about 10 USD to about 30 USD depending on the masseur or masseuse.

Services Provided

These are some of the types of Indian and Thai massage services by some of the providers above. Do ask individually which therapists are available and which services are being offered at the time of booking.
Full Body Massage
Ayurveda Massage
Kerala Massage
Thai Massage

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Book Massage in Bali

Book Massage in Bali

Bali is a paradise not only for the locals or the people of Indonesia. It is paradise also for the millions of tourists and business people from all over the world. With more visitors to the Island of Gods, we notice an explosion in services such as massage.

Taman Ayusinta provides outcall massage in Denpasar and other areas in Bali. Click here to contact Taman Ayusinta and Book Massage in Bali. See below list of massage services and prices.


Balinese Massage in Denpasar, Bali

1 hour at 100.000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) – cca $7.00 USD

Services Provided

Balinese Massage
Full Body Massage
Foot Massage

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Book Massage Delhi

Book Massage Delhi

Do you live in Delhi or travel to this amazing city? Know that there are options to book body massage and have therapists delivered right to your house. Or hotel room.

Rishabh provides outcall massage. Contact Pate and chat with him directly on Massage App HERE. Or otherwise, see his massage services and rates below.

Book Massage in Delhi (WhatsApp)


Delhi Full Body Massage Prices

1 hour at 500 INR (Indian Rupee) – $7.20 USD

Services Provided

Foot Massage
Legs Massage
Thigh Massage
Full Back Massage
Arms Massage
Head Massage
Full Body Massage

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Outcall Massage Indore

Outcall Massage Indore

Indore is a beautiful city with an amazing palace. We like the city, the weather, and the vegetation. But we also like the massage provided by Arnav.

Book Outcall Massage in Indore

It is very easy to book massage. You can call +919977616918 or order directly via Whatsapp, click on the link below to order on Whatsapp.

Click to order on Whatsapp

Indore Massage Menu

Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Oil Massage, Cream Massage, Dry Massage, Traditional Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Reflexology Massage, Aroma Massage, Body Cleansing massage, Full Body Scrubbing & Polishing Massage, Erotic Massage, Back & Butt Massage and Pain Relief Massage.

If you would like to CONTACT ARNAV please install the free ANDROID MASSAGE APP. You could also chat directly with other therapists in India such as in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and other locations in India.

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Hotel Massage Jakarta

Hotel Massage Jakarta

Now you can order massage directly to your hotel room in Jakarta. Vina Massage brings the service to your door, whether is a hotel, apartment or home.

How to order Hotel Massage Jakarta

The easiest and fastest way to order out-call services from Vina Massage is to text on Whatsapp. You can also call +62-838-1839-3068 and discuss details directly with the provider.

If you would prefer to order via text click the button below.


Jakarta Hotel Massage Prices

Vina Massage rates and packages are quite simple. In fact only one package, listed below:

Full Body Massage – 1 hour at 500K IDR ($35 USD)

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