Alexis Jakarta Club
Fun nightlife in Jakarta's Top Club

This is it. One of the most notorious clubs in Jakarta’s after dark collection. Must not be missed.

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Traded about town as THE nightclub in Jakarta, Alexis is actually a name of a hotel, although not one you will find in the online booking websites like Agoda. Its location in North Jakarta might seem seedy, and a far cry from the glittering skyscraper skyline of Central and South Jakarta. But there is nothing seedy about the decor or the amount of money you will be spending inside.

What is Alexis Jakarta Club

It is more than a club. Alexis actually consists of several different “establishments”. The actual club where you can find the usual set up of dance floor, DJ booth and scatterings of comfy sofas is called 4Play and located on the 1st floor right next to the lobby.  Might get difficult to draw your eyes away from the primary bar, not because of the selection of booze (which is quite excellent by Jakarta standard) but because of the silhouettes of sexy naked ladies moving to the rhythm of the loud thumping music. Going up to the 4th floor will take you to the karaoke lounge called XiS, where you can tell it’s not the common karaoke because the rooms feature an anteroom furnished with a big bed. Things heat up when you go to the Bath House Spa on the 7th floor. Don’t be surprised when upon arrival, the spa attendant will ask you to select the nationality of your masseuse rather than the type of massage.


In a Muslim majority country like Indonesia it might seem unlikely to find such establishment, but as the local saying goes “semua bisa diatur”  (everything can be arranged), when you have money. Rumored to be co-owned by Indonesia’s powerful figures, Alexis is the adult pleasure haven where you don’t have to worry about raids. Majority of the clients are upper class local men with a mix of few foreigners here and there.  For such a notorious place, not many complaints (if any) were uttered by the people that have been visiting. True, you can find many cheaper establishments in the area but none are up to experience offered and the high standard set by Alexis. See HERE their spa photo gallery and decide for yourself.


Alexis Hotel, Play Bar & Bath House
Jl. R.E.Martadinata no.1
Jakarta Utara 14430

Other Night Clubs in Jakarta

We could list here the famous Top Gun which is more of a bar in the Blok M area of South Jakarta and the fancy Red Square Vodka Bar near Plaza Senayan. As far as adult or erotic massage there are other places in Jakarta such as Hotel Travel Mabes, Malioboro Hotel and Spa, Kimochi Spa and Terminal Classic Hotel near Pasar Baru.