Terminal Classic Hotel Jl. KH Samanhuudi No. 43-45, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Posted on May 17, 2015 / 9875
Listing Type : Massage
Location : Jakarta
Out-call : Unknown
Address : Jl. KH Samanhuudi No. 43-45, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Another massage place that is basically a hotel is Terminal Classic Hotel. This is one of the known entertainment places in Jakarta and provides restaurant,  spa, club, karaoke and the Classic Terminal services.

Classic or CT is a mild, decent hang out club in Jakarta, according to some night life enthusiasts, but don't get them wrong, you can get all the night life facilities in here, club with dance floor (Bunker), girls, spa, karaoke live music and CT is famous especially for its Billiard pools in Jakarta, the other place is “After Hours” in Lebak Bulus. Various girls, locals and foreign can be found here too, almost like “United Nations” kind of place, although not as famous and has less variety when compared with other clubs as Malio. Another good thing? It’s cheaper than other places.

Sexy dancers can be found in 2nd floor and they’re famous for threesome services. Go to their famous club, called Bunker where you can flirt and scan all the local and foreign girls there. Hang out and start there, don’t worry as the Madame (Mamasan) will always serve you if you’re asking for an extra service, karaoke, spa, massage, see sexy dancers, or just drinking on your couch. Beverages are not the best in Jakarta, but they got all your standard necessities.

Hotel Deals

Typical damage cost is pretty good, for under 1M Rupiahs, you can get all in service from local girls, this price you won’t get from the other club like Malio or the notorious Alexis. It could be your favourite place to hang out late at night. While the other clubs charge for “1 time expensive visit” price, in here you can get cozy atmosphere and many frequent clubbers spend the night often.

There are several famous names for girls, try to mention one of these, Tania, Mala, Widia, Melati, Yuli, Lintang, Audy, Yuni, Andien, Nikita, you might get some respect for a newbie. This place opens from 5.30 PM and in the weekends it closes up around 4 AM. The earlier, the best service you’ll get. Sexy dancer everyday except Sunday (requires confirmation). Sometimes this place has special events, like “all you can get massage” if you know what that means, it’s when they opened the new 5th floor, and on special occasions.

We cannot find anything else really good or bad in terms of reviews for this place, almost all customers say that this place is just “as it is”, “professionally good”, but can be awesome if you’re on the same chemistry with this place. It’s like the chosen place for some clubbers but not like a place where everyone into and talk about, it’s not even on Jakarta’s top 100 nightlife clubs and bars, but who knows when it could be your favorite place.

Massage Prices at Terminal Classic Hotel Jakarta

The prices listed below are not posted on their web site but reported by some customers on the internet.
  • Minimum charge 40 K Rupiahs.

Massage costs start from 300K Rupiahs for locals per hour, room included, you’ll start to taste the quality from 550K Rupiahs and Threesome massage starts from 525K Rupiahs.

There are very few reports about foreign imports, could start from 1M Rupiahs

  • Lady Companion, non all in 500K Rupiahs, all in 750K Rupiahs

  • Beverage prices are decent, cocktails, long island, etc and often got a lot of promo price, prepare from 300K to 600K Rupiahs / person

  • Prepare for tips, from 30K Rupiahs to 200K Rupiahs (not mandatory)


  • Basement Floor : Spa

  • 1st Floor : Massage, Bunker

  • 2nd Floor : “Classic Terminal” , full of sexy dancers

  • 3rd Floor : Karaoke room

  • 5th Floor : “Classic Terminal II”, bigger room, bigger facilities

What do customers say (Indonesian):

It’s a decent place, decent girls, low to upper middle attire, but if you like it, you’ll like it. It can be your favourite place for late hang out, the prices are good too. You’re safe if you are visiting on your own.

The usual complaints:

When you got massage girls trying to service you fast, you cannot enjoy your massage, and you’ll be asked for some “additional” tips, unofficially. Although it’s not much money, sometimes it can be bothersome.


  • Go first to the bunker, for “quality”, not “quantity” for the girls, you can get girlfriend experience here.

  • Take a look around first, order drink before you get “security bracelet”, you’ll get your money well spent.

  • Come early for fresher girls, before 7PM.

  • Try to close your journey at 2nd, 3rd or 5th floor for maximum experience

  • Try to be selective and discuss it first before you go upstairs (style, etc)

  • It’s a safe place and no gimmick, so you’ll be mostly secure if you go around by yourself
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  • Massage DB says:

    Eddy, 19/08/2014 07:45 business -Terminal Classic Hotel

    Just visited this place yesterday so I guess this should be representative for 2015 and before.

    I am not a local so this is for the foreigners looking to get an erotic massage at the Hotel Classic in Jakarta. First of all they told me that the only massage place is at the Floor -1 or basement floor. When you walk in they show you a menu with prices which shows the following among other options:

    Traditional Massage – 385000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) – on the menu it was saying that you get 2 massages at this price

    VIP Massage – 1 hour at 550000 IDR – This course includes a massage and a scrub in one of their luxury facilities

    Twin Massage – Massage with 2 masseuse at 650000 IDR

    If you decide to go forward they will give a bracelet with a number and you will be shown the way in. First you go through the spa and have to ask again where the massage area is. Then you will go into a large lobby area with about 30 or so massage girls (on a Monday night around 7 PM) that smoke a lot and play with their phones and tablets. A few locals and Chinese clients were populating the tables and couches.

    Mamasan told me that the prices for normal massage is 385000 for normal massage however if I wanted happy ending massage or “cheeky cheeky massage” it is going to be 650000 or 800000 depending on which girl one chooses. She called 2 girls and started to pointed with her flashlight at others telling me the prices. However it looked like she only had a few masseuses working for her. Others were working with different agreements and unless you speak Indonesian it could be difficult to get in contact.

    I decided that I did not like any of them though some looked cute, tall and beautiful body. I left the massage lobby and nobody asked me anything. However when I returned the bracelet I was told that the visit costs 115000 IDR even though I did not order anything or had any services. Quite expensive for taking a look inside Jakarta’s Classic Terminal.

  • Peter says:

    I went tok second floor. prices were iIDR 350000 for one girl or 550000 for two girls (full service). Drinks very expensive at IDR 57000 for glass of orange juice

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